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Though there are vociferous claims of India being surplus overall in t...
In the medium-term the need to balance the portfolio of generation is ...
For the long-term India must design robust policies and plan the capa...

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Demand Supply Movement of LNG in India: Examining the Existing LNG Contributions in Meeting...

LNG Sourcing in India in 2016 India has been relying upon the imports completely to meet its LNG requirement  and strikingly have conducted domestic trade for LNG from 2012 till 2016 apart...

Richard Anderson appointed as New President and CEO of Amtrak

Amtrak on Monday named a former Delta Air Lines chief executive as its next president and CEO as the U.S. passenger rail carrier makes...

Indian renewable energy market will witness strong growth: Moody’s

As India is moving towards meeting its commitments under the Paris agreement on climate change, its renewable energy market is likely to witness a...

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Basin Wise Existing Natural Gas Discoveries in India under PSC Regime, status as on...

To know in detail view our recent publication: Natural Gas Outlook in India 2017

Market Trends

Market Trends

Natural Gas
Brent Crude
29-June-2017 (Rs./kWh)
Purchase Bids (MWh) 110,190
Sell Bids (MWh) 259,896
MCV (MWh) 104,287
Cleared Volume (MWh) 104,287
Average MCP (Rs./kWh) 1.99
28-Jun-2017 (Rs./kWh)
Purc. Bids (MWh) Sell Bids (MWh) Traded (MWh)*
Intra Day 65 10914 65
DAC 4714