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Undoubtedly, with the quantum of units tied up under the planned aucti...
The business case of competitive open market through wind power might ...
With more benefits for discoms and end consumers auction shall certain...

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Power Transmission Congestion Trends in India: Analyzing Impacts and Solutions

An Overview of Power Transmission Congestion Trends in India In the last one decade, India’s Power system has transformed from five fragmented regional grids into one large power system with the synchronization...

Pradeep Bakshi elevated as MD & CEO in succession plan of Voltas

Air-conditioning major Voltas on Monday announced the elevation of Chief Operating Officer Pradeep Bakshi as the managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO)...

Why not enough is being invested in Energy Efficiency ?

Increasing energy efficiency is considered by many experts as low-hanging fruit to reduce a given carbon footprint. So, why is no one picking it...

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Market Trends

Market Trends

Natural Gas
Brent Crude
17-Oct-2017 (Rs./kWh)
Purchase Bids (MWh) 219,498
Sell Bids (MWh) 178,196
MCV (MWh) 161,100
Cleared Volume (MWh) 161,100
Average MCP (Rs./kWh) 5.45
16-Oct-2017 (Rs./kWh)
Purc. Bids (MWh) Sell Bids (MWh) Traded (MWh)*
Intra Day 7269
DAC 3274 9882 3274